June has arrived! Summer is getting closer and closer, along with those summer reading lists! And we've got a few more to add to the pile! Keep reading and we'll keep giving you the content you love!

Check it out! The Hearts Grove Cozy Mysteries that you know and love are now a boxed set! With this set, you will receive books 1-3 of the series, for only $0.99! That is a huge bargain! We love these books, and if you haven't already bought them, we know you'll love them too, so this is the perfect time to get them! Three whole books for only $0.99, there couldn't be a better deal! Get it now!

Hearts Grove Cozy Mystery Boxed Set

We have two books from friends today! The first we are sharing is Duplex Double Trouble, book four from CeeCee James' A Flamingo Realty Mystery Series. It is currently available on Amazon for $0.99! It promises to be fun ride, following Stella as she embarks on a new case, fraught with suspicion but determined to reveal the truth!

Duplex Double Trouble


And for our second book from a friend, we've  Anna Celeste Burke's  Grave Expectations on Dickens' Dune. The third installation of the series, this time, a cold case is opened when an ex-convict makes a deathbed confession, and many secrets of the deceased are unearthed as they search for the hidden body within the folds of Dickens' Dune. Follow the Seaview Cottage Mystery series with their third book now!

Grave Expectations on Dickens' Dune

Great news for this month, June will be the Boxed Set Bonanza month! We will be sending out a new boxed set every week, and the month will be capped off with the release of the latest Hearts Grove Cozy Mystery!

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  1. Hi this a question for Susan Harper: I just finished your series with Kendall. I would like to know if you will now start series starting Felicity and Momica? I really enjoyed the series, it was fun and funny. Shirley email lifesbook1212@gmail.com