Here we are again! We hope your week has been a great one, and have we got some good stuff to share with you today! A new book, a sale book from one of our favorite series, and a huge surprise at the end! Keep reading!

From the Hearts Grove Cozy Mystery series comes A Body Below Ground! Book four of the series is out now! Henrietta is away from her antique store to help a friend with their Underground Tours of Port Angeles, when things take a turn for the deadly! But this mystery might be more than she can handle! Will she dig up the clues and solve the mystery? Or could the killer be gone before she can? Read on!

A Body Below Ground

Glock Grannies! Today we've got a book from one of our favorite series on sale for you all! Book two in the series is on sale for only $0.99! That is a steal! Head to Amazon and get it now to keep following Nikki and Geraldine on their crazy adventures! This one is sure to be a bumpy ride, so hang on to your hats!
Root of All Evil

For the book from a friend, we've got a very special treat! Right now we are working with a ton of other amazing authors to have a huge sale just for you! 18 books from award winning authors all for $0.99 each! There is going to be something in there for everyone! All amazing books by incredible writers, and all for you on sale right now! Go check them out! You are sure to find some crazy good stories, and maybe some new ones that you haven't read yet!

May Cozy Mystery Sale

Some pretty awesome stuff this week, right? Well you've got even more to look forward to in the weeks to come! Soon we'll be rolling out an entirely new series, as well as publishing a new Backroom Bookstore Cozy Mystery!

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